Assignment Instructions: In a policy memo/essay of at least 1200 words, please respond to the following prompt:

In your position as a national security analyst in the US Government, you have been asked to write a policy memo regarding the ongoing war in Yemen. (For guidelines on writing a policy memo, please see this short documentPreview the document.)

In the memo, you must agree or disagree with the position(s) taken in this recent article in Foreign AffairsPreview the document, which claims that “Peace is Possible” in Yemen.

For further background on this conflict, please see also Section D, ‘Context,’ pp. 4-5, of the UN report found herePreview the document.

In addition to supporting a clear position on the Foreign Affairs article, and you must also include in your essay an examination of the following topics:

Are any insights gained from peace studies/international human rights (Module 7) and/or geopolitics/ideology (Module 6) and/or another perspective addressed in this course useful for resolving the conflict situation in Yemen? Why or why not?
Is your chosen position a challenge to, or consistent with, one or more of the liberal, realist, or other theoretical approaches to International Relations? Why or why not?
You can use the UN report on the war in Yemen linked above as a factual source, and you might also find the following information from the Council on Foreign Relations helpful: (Links to an external site.)

As always, please be sure to engage directly with the materials assigned in this course; in addition to the assigned materials, you can also cite other print or online sources that you find helpful and reliable.

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