Source: Youtube – Contagion Full Movie Preview, Warner Bros. Entertainment


Assignment Development Tips:

Discussion Prompt:

Take a moment to watch the 9-minute full movie preview of Contagion (2011). You may find watching the full movie on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max helpful. The Contagion website shares a few other places you may be able to catch the film: to an external site.

This assignment is a spin-off of the movie-watching and reporting-out activity many of us engaged in primary education. The difference is that doctoral-level tasks require in-depth analysis and writing skills with a heavier emphasis on evidence-based practice and empirical evidence.

For this assignment, after watching the clip or full movie, provide a synopsis supported by evidence. You will find your textbook helpful. However, outside sources are welcome! In this situation, you are an advanced practiced nurse and are expected to provide leadership to address the dilemma. Please be sure to address the following:

  • Explain the epidemiological triangle (Host/Agent/Environment). How did the epidemiological triangle present in the clip?
  • What prevention activities could have lessened the burden of the disease?
  • Provide a discussion of herd immunity and its impact on the scenario.
  • What kind of data and technology could the advanced practice nurse use to prevent an epidemic from developing into a pandemic?
  • Provide one strategy the advanced practice nurses could employ to counteract an infectious disease emergency for each setting: 1) community, 2) healthcare facility.
  • What parallels did you identify between R(the virus in Contagion) and the novel Coronavirus?

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