Review this scenario:
A patient named A. Watsoncox arrives alone in the emergency department with altered mental status and trauma due to a motor vehicle accident (MVA). She is registered in the emergency medical record (EMR) from a previous visit. A new encounter and record is started for A. Watsoncox.

According to the EMR, she has no allergies and is taking no medications daily.
Before being taken to surgery, she is given Rocephin, 1 gram. She has difficulty breathing and a severe rash after the medication infuses.
It is discovered after the patient is stabilized that an error was made during her last registration. Her name is A. Watson-Cox. There are two records for her in the EMR database.
Develop a plan to prevent emergency medical record (EMR) errors related to data quality and integrity based on the scenario.
Your plan should contain an introduction that clearly identifies and explains data integrity and security issues relevant to the electronic medical records (EMR) in the scenario.
State your proposed plan, which should contain three strategies to ensure data integrity.
Explain your rationale for each strategy in the plan.
Include a brief summary that highlights how your plan can improve data handling and integrity.
Be specific and provide examples. Support your plan with your peer reviewed research from the Walden Library. (I provided 2 resources that should help and they are from the Walden library) plus the chapter from the textbook for this week

Some resources: DOI:10.1108/IJHCQA-08-2018-0209
DOI: 10.1177/1460458218810760
Harrington, J. (2016). Relational database design and implementation (4th ed.). Cambridge, MA: Morgan Kaufmann. Chapter 25 (pp. 509–521) (Chapter Placed in word document in files section)
Assignment rubric in files section

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