Assignment Overview

Processes and Productivity in Manufacturing

Although you may not work in manufacturing, it is important to apply concepts in that area as well. Technological advances coupled with smart manufacturing provide companies with the tools to compete in today’s ever-changing market.

Select one of these process videos or find another on the internet and use it as the basis for this case analysis. (Some videos have no narration).

Videos of Production Processes

Our Coffee Production Process
Petroleum refining processes explained simply
Egg Production Video
Joint venture with Ivory and Phytocann: production process of Dinamed Kush
Carpet Tile Manufacturing Process
Flu Vaccine Production Process for the Northern Hemisphere
Manufacturing process of a glass bottle
Forging and Cutting Metal 
Corning’s Extrusion Manufacturing Process
Mackle Pet Foods Manufacturing and Production Processes – Summary
Jewelry Manufacturing in Istanbul – Gold Casting Process – Turkish Jewelry Market and Production
Production process of the official 2010 FIFA World Cup match ball Jabulani

Case Assignment

Process Flow Diagram

Construct a process flow diagram. Use a free online tool, components within Microsoft Office, or draw by hand (scan or take a picture of the drawing) and include it in your submission.

Research other than the video is required for the remainder of your cases.

  • Provide an in-depth written description of each step in the process including rationale for the steps.

Workflow will cover 1 page.
The written description should be 1 page in length.


Analyze the process and ascertain where bottlenecks can happen. Discuss what analysis tools can be used to assess the situation and aid in making the process more efficient.

  • What are the business implications of inefficiencies? What stakeholders may be affected?

This section should be 1 ½ pages in length. Research is required.

Industry Research

Conduct research on the industry related to the process assessed. What tools or techniques are being used in process management to yield optimal production?

This section should be 2 pages in length. Research is required.


Using what you have analyzed and researched, develop a plan for improvements in the process.

This section should be ½ page in length. Research is required.

Since you are engaging in research, cite and reference the sources in APA format. The paper should be written in third person; this means words like “I”, “we”, and “you” are not appropriate. For more information see Differences Between First and Third Person. The excessive use of quotes or unoriginal content will directly impact performance since it suggests lack of comprehension and indicates that a student may not have mastered the concepts.

Module 1 Case Background Readings

Introductory Chapter: Background and Current Trends in Operations Management (7 pages) By Gary P. Moynihan

Integrated Management Systems and Sustainable Development (21 pages) By Burhan Başaran

Human Capital in the Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Revolution (19 pages) By Joseph Evans Agolla

Five rules of productivity improvement (2017)

The future of work: productivity and agility (video 2:50) (2017)

Assignment Expectations

Use the attached APA-formatted template (OPM500 Case 1) to create your submission.

Your submission will include:

  • Trident University International’s cover page
  • The body will be 5-6 pages with APA citations (plus Workflow Graphic) (2- to 3-sentence introduction, body, 2- to 3-sentence conclusion)
  • The reference list page in APA format

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