The Merriam-Webster definition of ethics can be found here Ethics Defined. For this activity, you will, in your own words, expand upon this definition to provide a working definition of ethics as it relates to the aviation industry. In your blog, you will also argue the importance of ethical behavior, as a professional attribute, for those pursuing an aviation career.  Keep in mind that this blog is a reflection of you, meaning that there are no right or wrong answers. Your blog allows you the opportunity to convey to your instructors and classmates your perceptions and feelings regarding ethical behavior in the aviation industry. The goal is to engage in a collaborative and constructive debate that promotes critical thought and reflection. 

Your initial posts and responses to your classmates need to be thoughtful, thorough, and comprehensive. This means your initial post needs to be about a paragraph and thoroughly explain your answer. Additionally, include a properly formatted in-text citation and reference to support your position. After you create your blog, you will be expected to engage in dialogue with at least one of your classmates. Your responses to your classmates’ blog entries need to be more than “I agree/disagree.” You need to elaborate and explain why you agree or disagree, and you may even want to ask additional questions.

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