Please research medical technological advances that may be unique to the care of women and children. Discuss how this technology will improve care to women and children. (ideas may be: genetic screening, public health initiatives, mammography, cervical screening, Fetal monitoring, Electronic medical records, telemedicine).
Which technological advances have been utilized in your local hospital? How has it impacted the care of women and children?
Two (2) Responses to your peers’ posts are due on Saturday of the week they are assigned
Each Response post should be a minimum of 1 paragraph with 5 sentences

Each Discussion responses should have a minimum of 1 citation and reference

1st studentMedical technology advances allow physicians to treat diseases and become more personalized to individual patients. Some technology advances include advanced telemedicine which helps with virtual doctors’ visits and helped out huge when it came to the Covid-19 pandemic. The new development of drug development is another especially how the collaboration of doctors and pharmaceutical companies help make that possible to decrease death rates across the nation in women and children. Extracorporeal membrane oxygen (ECMO) has played a part in saving the lives of women and children especially when it comes to babies born that need assistance with organs that haven’t fully developed like lungs. Other innovations include cancer cures, digital engagement, genomics, stem cells, and surgical advance to name a few. These types of medical advances have been utilized in hospitals around me and everywhere and in return saved a lot of lives. Like childhood cancer in the 1970s carried a 20 to 30 percent mortality rate and according to today, 95 percent of the children diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) are cured (childrenshospital, 2021).

2nd Genetic screening is a relatively recent innovation in healthcare for obstetrics introduced with the goal of screening and diagnosing developmental anomalies and hereditary disorders in fetuses. During the first and second trimesters, it is routinely done to review the development of the growing fetus for potential problems. For instance, it identifies some specific factors that would predispose a fetus to genetic disorders and the likelihood of the fetus developing those abnormalities. 

They have been very helpful in helping expectant mothers calculate the odds of a fetus being born with debilitating conditions, abnormalities, and chromosome defects. Furthermore, it has also proven effective in the identification of birth defects which are likely to affect 1 in every 34 babies in the United States (R. Aro & Jallinoja, 2017). 

Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling are two of the most common genetic screening tests used. While both are invasive and need an in depth and close look at the cells of the fetus, it’s entirely possible that an accurate count of the number of chromosomes is made. Chorionic Villus sampling is the most common method of genetic screening due to its cost-effectiveness and relative availability in most areas of the country. Used during the first trimester, it uses samples from the placenta. Because the placental tissue is very close to the fetus’s genes, it is useful when seeking to conduct an evaluation of chromosomal abnormalities (Medicine et al., 2016). 
Current practices at my hospital include the genetic screening. While I don’t have any idea of what goes on on that unit because I’ve never worked with women’s health or obstetrics directly, I am aware that my hospital currently has these testing available for antepartum women seeking care. By providing care for women in the antepartum period, health is better ensured to the fullest extent possible.

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