This week, your assignment is to begin to write a paper identifying and weighing the effectiveness of strategies that serve to mitigate environmental injustice and work toward environmental justice. It will be in due in Week 6.

Assignment Directions

This part of the Course Project expects you to address aspects of environmental justice by considering the following questions.

What has the community done about environmental injustice?
What have allies from outside the community done?
Describe the policies in place at the local, state, or federal level that address environmental injustice at the local and national level.
Identify and explore some beginning ideas about how an intervention could occur at the individual and systems level (i.e., micro, mezzo, or macro level).
What are the barriers?
What has been achieved?
What are the failures and setbacks?
What recommendations do you have?

Assignment Deliverables

Your assignment this week is to write three- to four-page APA paper (not including cover page and reference page; no abstract required) about the strategies that serve as interventions to mitigate environmental racism and work toward environmental justice. You will use the guiding questions provided under tasks to organize your paper. Complete a reference page where you cite sources or websites in APA format.

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