MISSING PERSONS IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT ASSESMENT (WORDCOUNT: Bibliography and intext citation must be APA 7th edition.

Essay Question: Critically examine the extent to which Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and similar enterprises can achieve justice in a globalised context.


  • A good, detailed, and clear introduction.
  • A good main body which does the following:
  • Justifies and concludes each paragraph that is being discussed adequately, do not just state things, cases, or events without adequately linking, justifying them to the essay question above.
  •  Additionally, always consider both sides of the argument, you must make sure the paragraphs are balanced, as a good essay is not one sided & must consider pros and cons of each argument and justify it adequately regardless of the writer’s stance at the end of the essay or paragraph.
  • Ensure there is a constant and continuous flow in this essay this is very important.
  • Proofread and cross check the Grammar to make sure the English used makes sense.


  • State complicity and disappeared persons & enforced disappearances (this is because the essay is under the course “missing persons” and I’m doing my master’s in criminal justice). “State complicity and disappeared persons” is also related to truth and reconciliation commissions e.g.: SA & Canada e.t.c.
  • Truth & Reconciliation commissions
  • Atrocity crimes, amnesty international, UN conventions and definitions. Analysis of restorative justice at a national/ international scale & whether enforced disappearance is a war crime in relation to the above e.t.c


The essay must demonstrate an awareness of comparative understanding of the issues in question, and therefore must include as evidence, materials that discuss issues in a comparative way, with a range of materials originating from different jurisdictions and perspectives, and work reflecting agencies from various levels. This does not mean that only fully international sources are permissible but means that every effort should be made to utilise more local sources in a comparative manner and consider their place in the wider international context.

The principles of good quality evidence and support must be followed. Sources should ideally be peer-reviewed or be an artefact representing the policy or practice of relevant organisations. While sources such as from the news can be used to provide examples, such sources should be used sparingly and with suitable caution.

The essay must demonstrate an emphasis on the underlying missing persons and other related global justice principles that were encountered in the module, applying these to your chosen question as appropriate.

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