Assignment Overview

Milestone 1.   Identify a state in the United States that currently does not permit the sale of recreational marijuana.  Once you have identified the state you are to develop a demographic and psychographic profile of the population of that state. This information can be presented in bullet form and should represent the population in general.  This aspect of the project is broad in scope and you should can use various websites to generate this information.  This will be factual in nature.  Once you have developed this information you will then break down your data into what you would envision to be a specific target market that would be the consumer for recreational marijuana. This is the part where you have to use your research skills and your informed decision making skills.  Support your findings with a one to two page double spaced rationale for choosing the target market that you did.


Choose a state that has not legalized recreational cannabis (Links to an external site.) use.

Create a demographic (Links to an external site.) profile for the population of the state chosen.

Create a psychographic (Links to an external site.) profile for the population of the state chosen.

Databases to Use

Demographics for each state available

Psychographics can be found in recreational marijuana use reports


Mintel ​

Specific cannabis consumer behavior reports are not available but information about cannabis is included in alcoholic beverage reports.

Write a 2 page report of the target market for your chosen state, using the demographic and psychographic information you developed.

Examples: These examples have been included to help provide some additional context.

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