ONE question from Section A, and ONE question from Section B, writing answers of equal length (1000 words each essay) and 2000 words in total

Section A (1000 words)

  • 1. Assess the impact of World War One on the MENA region.
  • 2. What drove Arab opposition to the British and French Mandates in the Middle East?
  • 3. Assess the role of Algerian women in the Algerian War.

Section B (1000 words)

  • 4. How did radio technology transform politics across the MENA region between 1939 and 1962?
  • 5. Which sources are the most effective for the recovery of women’s history across the MENA region since 1918?

Use journal articles and books as references.

Let me know which questions you are working on as soon as you choose. Thanks.

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