Hunt Assignment

Instructions:  By completing this scavenger hunt, you will learn about the main forces that influenced the development of the Middle Ages. You will come to realize how religion played such a dominant role in the lives of individuals, as well as institutions, during this time.

You will go to the indicated sites in each section and use the information you find there to answer the questions. You should preview the questions before proceeding to the site.

1.Read Feudalism in Europe to learn more about this hierarchical social system.

  1. Explain some factors that gave rise to this system.
  2. Identify some reasons for the breakdown of this system starting in the fifteenth century.
  3. If you were part of this system, where would you want to fit in? Explain.

2.  When one thinks of how Europe was organized into classes, one should 

     immediately think of the feudal pyramid. Examine the Feudal System Pyramid and

     answer the following questions:

  1. Construction of a Castle in the middle Ages - julianraxworthyExplain how feudalism was organized into a hierarchy. Use examples.
  2. Pick three labels/terms and explain what they mean.
  3. Feudalism organized people into a hierarchy. The people at the bottom of the pyramid had less power than those on top. How do you think this might have had an impact on their daily lives?

3.  For approximately the first 1,000 years of its history, the Christian Church was a 

     unified institution. However, in the 11th century tensions between the Eastern part 

     of the Christian Church and the Western part of the Christian Church came to a

     head in the East-West Schism. Read more about this divide and what resulted   

     in the article East-West Schism .

  1. What occurred in the eleventh century to formally divide the Church?
  2. What two institutions emerged from this schism?
  3. Explain why the schism occurred.

4.  Starting in 1095 CE, a series of holy wars was launched by Pope Urban II against

       Muslims who controlled the Holy Lands of Jerusalem and surrounding areas. To

see why the crusades occurred and why they had such an impact. Watch the Video:  Crash Course World History:  The Crusades – Pilgrimage or Holy Wars?

  1. Truth About the Knights Templar – New Dawn: The World's Most Unusual  MagazineExplain the immediate cause of the crusades.
  2. Explain how the crusades reflect the influence that religion had on Europeans. Use specific examples.
  3. Were the crusades a success or failure? Explain by making reference to specific crusades.

5.  Read Results of the Crusades to see what impacts they had on the world.

  1. Explain how the crusades affected Europe economically. Do you think these were significant changes?
  2. What happened to relationships between different civilizations/countries (e.g., Greek Orthodox, Muslims, and Christians, and other religious minorities)?
  3. What were some of the political changes that happened as a result?

6.  Watch the video called What is Gothic Architecture and examine how even art

Wrath Of Gnon on Twitter: "We might think the pinnacles in gothic  architecture were built as "mere ornaments", but they were integral parts  of the structure, their weight (stone and lead) addedand architecture was influenced by Christianity in Europe.           

  1. Identify the main features of Gothic architecture.
  2. Why did it primarily appear in buildings that were religious in nature and purpose?
  3. What does this type of architecture tell you about Christianity in the Middle Ages?

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