Mid-Term Paper – Solving Environmental Problems through Entrepreneurial Solutions 

Please prepare a paper on one of the subjects we have tackled and answer the following three sets of questions: 

  1. What are the key ideas and core challenges in solving this environmental challenge?  Make sure you consider the economic, social, equity and ecosystems services perspective of the problem. 
  2. What solutions would you propose for an entrepreneurial solution to this problem or issue? What additional science information would you need to implement your solution? What would your solution team include as far as expertise? 
  3. How will you measure your success? What scales of time do you need to fully evaluate your intervention? 

Paper Structure: 

The paper/proposal is relatively short – the text up to 07 pages max (05 pages minimum), line spacing 1.5X with 12-point text. All supporting tables and figures are to be attached to the back of the report and are not counted in the number of pages.  Sources of information used are to be properly referenced within the text and listed at the end of your documents in a Reference section.  References (no less than five references) are to be from peer-reviewed journals or Internet publications, appropriate technical books, or Internet documents from reputable agencies (e.g. EPA)

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