Answer the following questions

Question 1

Microbes grow under optimal conditions of pH, temperature, and nutrients depending on the species’ metabolic requirements and adaptive responses. Some species have very strict and narrow growth conditions whereas others can grow in a wider range of stringency.
For this discussion assignment, select a fungal, helminth, or parasitic species of your choice and prepare an initial post describing the optimal growth conditions, location, and unique characteristics which helps the microbe adapt to this niche. Include images if possible.
Is there any therapeutic application for this microbe in healthcare?

Question 2

Sterilization and Disinfection
Review your memory about chemical and physical antimicrobial agents. Choose one physical and one chemical method.
How effective is it at controlling microbes
What is the mechanism of control (how does it do what it does)?
If it involves a process, include the process, equipment, recommendations, etc. 

Question 3

Antimicrobial Therapy
Antimicrobial agents work on a multitude of microbes (bacteria, viral, fungal, parasitic, helminths) and with a variety of mechanisms such as blocking cell wall, protein, or nucleic acid synthesis for the rapidly growing microbes.
For this discussion assignment, select a antimicrobial agent of your choice and describe the target microbe(s), the mechanism of action, side effects, and treatment regimen.

Question 4

Describe the genus Streptococcus. Include at least 5 points about the genus. 
Describe a step by step process of how you would distinguish between Streptococcus and Staphylococcus if you know you have one or the other in a test tube. 
We will continue with Streptococcus next week as well. So make a note of where you are researching as you do this week’s work.

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