Unit V Outline

Mentoring and Developing Across Generations (Outline for Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation)

In this assignment, create a one-page outline in preparation for the Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation. The purpose of an outline is to help you plan, organize, and connect ideas together so that you can see the overall picture of your final product.

 At the beginning of the outline, make sure to include a 2–3 sentence introduction that lets the reader know your chosen topic.

Choose a specific generation as the topic of your presentation, and provide the demographic information related to the chosen generation by summarizing their work style, identifying their specific values, detailing their approach to work, and identifying how they may interact with other generations in the workplace. Additionally, include how they approach work-life balance, what their expectations of career development are, and how leaders can help to empower employees of your chosen generation.

Navigate to the Waldorf Online Library, and find two potential sources you would like to consider using for the Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

2 books chosen:

 Digital Generation Y and Z in the Field of Tourism: Psychological Dimensions of Morality.

Generation Y : Generation Snowflake?

Please reference the syllabus to see the assignment instructions in Unit VII for more details regarding the types of sources required for your final product.

Here is an example of a basic outline that you may reference. Although the example focuses on creating an outline for a research paper, the basic concepts can still be followed. The information you plan to present in your PowerPoint should be broken down and organized.

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