Solve the following medical dosage problems.  Use the course conversion resources, not an online source. Round answers to the tenths when needed.

1. Order: Demerol 75 mg IM every four hours for pain.

Supply: Demerol is supplied in a 2 mL ampule containing 100 mg of drug.                   Give: __________

2. Order: Solu-Cortef 100 mg IM every 8 hours

Supply: Solu-Cortef 250 mg/2 mL                                                                                      Give: ___________

3. Order: Digoxin 100 mcg IM daily for cardiac arrhythmia

Supply: Digoxin 0.5 mg/2 mL                                                                                            Give: ___________

4.  Order KCL 10 mEq orally twice a day as a supplement.

Supply: KCL liquid 40 mEq per 15 mL is available.                                                           Give: ____________

5. Order: Tylenol 1 g

     Supply available:  Tylenol 500 mg tablet                                                                   Give:_____________

6. Order: Ampicillin 0.5 g orally for sinusitis

Supply: Ampicillin oral suspension 125 mg/5 mL in 240 mL container.                    Give: ____________

7. Order: Glipizide 7.5 mg orally every morning for diabetes.

Supply: Glipizide 2.5 mg tablets                                                                               Give: ___________

8.  Order: Keflex suspension 187.5 mg orally every 6 hours.

Supply: Keflex suspension 125 mg/5 mL                                                                            Give: ___________

9.  Order: Lactulose 45 g

            Supply: Lactulose 10 g/15 mL                                                                                          Give: ____________

10. Order: Decadron 1.5 mg orally every 12 hours.

Supply: Decadron 0.5 mg/5 mL                                                                                      Give:_____________

11. Order: Atropine Sulfate 500 mcg

             Supply: Atropine Sulfate 0.4 mg/mL                                                                        Give:_____________

      12. The doctor orders Atarax 40 mg IM q4h prn.  The pharmacy has supplied you with Atarax 50 mg              per mL.  How much should you give the patient?

a.  0.8 mL                                                              b.  1.25 mL

c.  8 mL                                                                 d.  0.125 mL

     13. Ceclor liquid supplied 50 mg/2 mL.  Dr. orders 30 mg.  How much do you administer?

a.  12 mL                                                               b.  3.3 mL

c.  0.8 mL                                                              d.  1.2 mL

       14. Amoxicillin suspension 750 mg orally every 8 hours is ordered.  The medication is available in 250 mg/5 mL.  Which of the following would be the correct amount to administer?

a.  2 teaspoons                                                    b.  10 teaspoons

c.  15 mL                                                               d.  2.5 mL

  1. The order reads 2 mg IM every day.  The vial reads 5 mg/mL.  How much will the nurse administer?

a.  4 mL                                                                 b.  0.4 mL

c.  1 mL                                                                 d.  0.0004 mL

16. Order reads:  Scopolamine 0.4 mg subcutaneous stat

Facility supply is:  Scopolamine 400 mcg/mL

You give:

a.  4 mL                                                                 b.  0.4 mL

c.  1 mL                                                                 d.  1.4 mL

17. Patient is a 14 pound infant.  What is the child’s body weight in the nearest tenth kg?

  1. 30.8 kg                                                                 b. 6.4 kg
  2. 64 kg                                                                     d. 28 kg

18. Prozac solution is supplied 20 mg/5mL in a 120 mL vial.  The order is for Prozac solution 10 mg.  You give:

  1. 2.5 mL                                                                  b. 24 mL
  2. 12 mL                                                                    d. 2 mL

19. Morphine sulfate 20 mg ordered.  Medication label reads:  Morphine sulfate 15 mg/mL.  Your syringe would contain how much medication?

a.  1.3 mL                                                                     b.  13 mL

c.  0.2 mL                                                                     d.  20 mL

20. Order reads Cogentin 1000 mcg.  Medication label reads:  Cogentin 2 mg per 2 mL.  Your syringe would contain how much medication?

a.  0.1 mL                                                                     b.  0.5 mL

c.  1 mL                                                                        d.  2 mL 

      21.  Patient’s weight is 84.5 kg. What is the patient’s body weight in the nearest tenth pounds?

       a. 38.4                                                                                      b. 185.9

       c. 169                                                                                       d. 42.3

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