After listening to the podcast, The Influence of Media on Young Children, write a Media Reaction Paper after you watch two (2) hours of mass media produced for young children (cartoons, video games, computer games, online explorations). Evaluate and summarize what you have viewed in a reaction paper. Include the implications for the developing child. The minimum length of the paper should be 3 double spaced typed pages. Use higher level thinking (analysis, synthesis & evaluation) in your writing. Demonstrate evidence of peer review and editing.

ECE 313 Children’s Media Reaction Paper Rubric

  1. The student followed directions (min. of 2 hours of viewing and min. of 3 pages, typed, double spaced, 12 pt. font, 1″ margins) and turned the paper in on time. The student demonstrates knowledge of proper grammar/spelling rules.
  1. The student evidence higher order thinking (analysis, synthesis, evaluation, etc.).
  2. The student demonstrates consideration of some of these points:
  3. Cartoons 
  4. The plot of the cartoons, what it was about
  5. How females were portrayed
  6. Any violent behaviors
  7. Potential learning provocations, positive or negative
  8. Racial stereotyping
  9. The presence/absence of multicultural characters
  10. The presence/absence of characters w/ disabilities
  11. How teachers/schools were portrayed, if applicable
  • Commercials
  • The types of commercials you saw
  • Appropriate or non-appropriate aspects of commercials
  • the presence/absence of educational commercials (e.g., Smokey the Bear, DARE, etc.)
  • The nutrition levels of advertised foods and drinks

          c  Computer games and activities

  1. Children can access the computer
  2. The software allows the child to make choices
  3. Direction of program develops in complexity
  4. Graphics and symbols are meaningful to context

4. The student provided thoughtful reactions to the media and the impact on they may have on children. The conclusion of the paper demonstrated evaluative thoughts, including inferences and conclusions based on the evidence presented earlier in the paper.

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