2500 words ESSSY:
Answer one of the following essay questions:

To what extent has UK media policy since 2003 been driven by technological change? Illustrate your answer by focusing on one specific sector e.g. film, television, internet, radio.

What do you understand by the term ‘deregulation’ and to what extent can that term be used to describe contemporary UK media policy?

How effective has Ofcom been in regulating an increasingly convergent media environment? Illustrate your answer with examples.

“‘Controversial’ films [or video games] tend to cause open trouble only where other factors are involved: where there is uncertainty about the respective powers of, and lines of communication between, government, licensing authorities and [regulatory body] […] or at times of rapid social change or shifts in attitudes towards, or behaviour around, moral issues” (Kuhn, 1999, p. 449).

Selecting one or two examples of controversial films or video games of your choice, discuss the extent to which you agree with the above statement.

‘media freedom is necessary to provide information to the public, to hold the powerful to account, to represent a range of diverse viewpoints’ (Rowbottom, 2013, p. 58).

Paying specific attention to debates about press freedom in the light of the Leveson Inquiry (2011), discuss the extent to which you agree with the above statement.

Your essay will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Ability to identify and analyse a suitable case study
Ability to contextualise key issues and debates relating to British media regulation
Ability to identify key stakeholders involved in policy debates and regulation processes
Quality of discussion and appreciation of complexity
Writing style, essay organisation and presentation (use of referencing)

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