Measure one’s personality trait using a scientific assessment tool and to identify factors affecting his/her personality development

Assessment Guidelines for Individual Report
This assessment gives you an opportunity to measure one’s personality trait using a scientific assessment tool and to identify factors affecting his/her personality development. In this assignment, each student is required to:
1. Measure ONE personality trait of a family member using a scientific personality measurement scale.
2. Conduct an interview with this family member to understand his/her personality development.
3. To identify factors affecting his/her personality development.
4. Complete an individual report, which will be evaluated by the following criteria:
a. Summarize the findings obtained from the personality assessment and interview (20%)
b. Application of theoretical perspectives to understand personality development (40%)
c. Critical comparison and evaluation of the selected theoretical perspectives (30%)
d. Overall organization and clarity (10%)
The report should be written in English and within 1,000 words (excluding references and appendixes).

Do Not use Trait perspective !!!! 
The interviewee is a KOREAN MOTHER(MUST)
Please Look at Grading Rubric, please 

Use other perspective :
2. Biological perspective
Genes, hormones, brain activity –> personality
3. Psychoanalytic ( Sigmund Freud)
Unconscious mind 
Intrapsychic forces.
4. Psychosocial 
Social Relationship
5. Learning
Environment and past experiences shape personality
Eg Parents, siblings alike.
6. Cognitive
Thinking style, cognitive processes affect ones behavior.
Comprehend–> store –> generate future behavior.
Personality are tied with memories.
7. Humanistic
Self actualization reaching ones highest potential. (perfection)
8. Interactionist

So like for the requirement is to interview a close friend or relative so just make up a fake mother from Korea 

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