Write a story bringing a character or characters from Greek mythology into the modern world. Percy Jackson is the best known but not the only example of this.

Length: around 200 Greek words.

You may ask for peer review, and I can offer feedback on early drafts, but this is meant to be an

individual project. I want to see how well you can apply the grammatical concepts we have covered over the past 2 years, especially the more recent material on aorists and participles. The aorist is the most common tense used in narratives, so it is fitting to use it when telling a story.

Jason and the snorlax:

Jason’s car was called Argo which was protected by Hera. Argo carried Jason and the argonauts to Colchis. “We have to get the snorlax from Aeetes.  Walk to him!” he ordered. Aeetes did not give the snorlax to Jason because it was a gift. The king of pokemon promised to give the snorlax if Jason completed tasks. The first task was to make 5 cakes with hot tools. Medea created gloves for Jason which made him invincible. She helped Jason because Hera united Jason and Medea through Tinder.

τό ἅρμᾶ τοῦ Ἰᾱ́σονος ἐπώνυμος Ἀργώ ἥ ἐφῠ́λᾰξεν μά τὴν Ἥρην. Ἀργώ ἤγᾰγεν τὸν Ἰᾱ́σονᾰ και Ἀργοναῦτους προς τῇ Κολχῐ́δῐ. “ᾶνάγκη ἐστί εμείς λαμβάνειν τόν σνορλαξ ἀπό τῷ Αἰήτῃ. βαινετε προς αυτω!” {he ordered} ὁ Αἰήτης ούκ πᾰρέσχεν τόν σνορλαξ πρός τῷ Ἰᾱ́σονῐ γάρ τό ποκεμον ἦν τό δῶρον. Ό Βασιλεύς τοῦ ποκεμου ​​ηὔξᾰτο πᾰρᾰσχεῖν τόν σνορλαξ πρός τῷ Ἰᾱ́σονῐ εἰ αυτος ἔπρᾱξεν τᾰ̀ ἔργᾰ. τό πρῶτος ἔργον ποιήσειν πέντε πλακοῦς μετἀ τοῦ θερμου ἐργαλεῖου. ἡ Μήδειᾰ ἐποίησεν τὰς χειρῖδᾰς ἕνεκα τοῦ Ἰᾱ́σονος τις ἔνειμεν αὐτον δύσμαχον.  ἡ Μήδειᾰ ἐὠφέλησεν τὸν Ἰᾱ́σονᾰ διότι ἡ Ἥρη σῠ́νηξεν τὸν Ἰᾱ́σονᾰ και τὴν Μήδειᾰν διά Τιντερ.

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