Lesson Plan
Math Topic: Creating Geometric Patterns
Name: Date:
Strand: (C1) Patterns and Relationships Grade: 2
Specific Expectation: (C1.2) Create and translate patterns using various representations, including shapes and numbers.
Learning Outcomes: Create growing and shrinking geometric patterns. Extend growing or shrinking patterns and translate the patterns into a number pattern.
The Patterns Practice Song YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBjjxSx45-Q
Number Chat poster (Appendix A). Creating Growing and Shrinking Patterns worksheet (Appendix B).
Teaching Activities:
Introductory (10-15 min): Play the Patterns Practice Song to review last class materials. Next show students the Number Chat poster. With this number chat, students are given a shrinking pattern, and the following prompt: “If we continue the pattern for a fourth time, how many stars will there be?” Have students take a moment of independent think time. Ask students, “How can we problem-solve to see how many stars there will be when we extend the pattern for the fourth time?” Have students describe whether the pattern is growing or shrinking and explain by how many stars it is growing or shrinking by. As an extension, ask students, “How can we show this pattern using numbers?”
Development Strategies (30-40 min): Go over “Creating Growing and Shrinking Patterns” with students. Read the assignment description and requirements with students. The assignment has students create their own growing or shrinking pattern by taking the following steps: Growing or Shrinking: Will your pattern be a pattern that grows? Or will your pattern be a pattern that shrinks? Plan the Pattern: All patterns have a pattern rule. How many shapes will you add or take away from the pattern each time the pattern is continued? Create the Pattern: Create the pattern. Show the pattern three times so that someone who is looking at your pattern can tell what the pattern rule is. Show the Pattern using Numbers: After making the pattern using shapes, write what your pattern is in numbers. Have students create their pattern on a separate piece of paper. Students should ensure that their pattern is large enough for others to see without having a copy of the pattern.
Concluding (10-15 min): Have student volunteers share their patterns with the class. Have the rest of the class identify the pattern and whether the pattern is growing or shrinking. Go through several student examples of patterns. Ask students, “What was challenging about creating your own growing or shrinking pattern?” Have students share a challenge that they faced and how they overcame the challenge.
Evaluation (Assessment of learning): A rubric is provided at the bottom of “Creating Growing and Shrinking Patterns.” Use this rubric to identify the degree to which students have demonstrated their understanding of growing and shrinking patterns, extend the patterns, and translate the patterns into a number pattern. For Level 3 there are a considerable degree of clarity as well as accuracy in the pattern that is created, visual representation, pattern rule, and translation of pattern.
Assessment (for and as learning): Anecdotal notes from the “Number Chat” class discussion.
Accommodations or Modifications: Accommodations include reduced reading load, vocabulary instruction, pre-reading strategies, graphic organizers, increase time, visual aids, manipulatives, step-by-step, scaffolding, and reading strategies. Modified grades based on IEP, pass/fail grading, reworded questions in simpler language, and use of alternative materials.
Follow-up Ideas: Next lesson focuses on having students determine pattern rules, extend patterns using pattern rules, and have on students practice making and justifying predictions related to growing and shrinking number patterns.

Appendix A:

Appendix B:

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