The other attached word document contains work done so far for the below assignment. 4 additional pages(1200 more words), need to be added to expand on what is already written, to complete this assignment and one of those pages should be an annotated bibliography, instead of having a regular reference page; add up to 4 more sources to the sources already included. Please DON’T USE ANY WORDS/PHRASES like, On the other hand, For Instance or For example or Foremost or Firstly, Secondly, In Conclusion, However, Thus, Therefore, Ought or any other words that are pointless and unnecessary and meant to just add to the word count. Just write as best as you can. I’d prefer to have a paper that has slightly less words, than having to go through it and remove words that are simply meant to up the word count and end up being insanely repetitive, turning a good writing into a not so good one. Have seen papers where “On the other hand” was used 9 times. I don’t want to have to waste your time or mine, requesting a revision for that stuff to be removed. Thanks.

For this assignment I would like you to review Video Case 1: Chobani: Making Greek Yogurt a Household Name, located at:

This case discusses how Chobani created an exceptional line of yogurt products, stimulated interest using targeted promotional strategies, and retailed the line to consumers through major grocery chains. Read it carefully and digest the strategies that deal with the four Ps:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place (distribution).

These strategies are known as the Marketing Mix.

Next, review Appendix A: Building an Effective Marketing Plan: you can access this part of the textbook at this link- (The reference for this textbook is already listed on the word document of work done so far. In doing so, you will see how marketing practitioners use the Marketing Mix to develop a course of actions aimed at reaching the company’s strategic goals.

Your Task: assemble these essential pieces of a prospective marketing plan for Chobani:

  • Mission: Focuses on the activities of Chobani for stakeholders.
  • Goals: Targets against which the company’s performance are measured.
  • Core Competency: Abilities to provide high quality products and services.
  • Customer Characteristics: Main demographics and lifestyle analysis.
  • Competitors: Companies and products that seek to displace Chobani in the marketplace.
  • Marketing Objectives: Planned targets against which marketing activities are measured.
  • Marketing Mix: The four elements included in the marketing plan: price, product, promotion, and place (distribution).

Assignment Instructions

The intent of the written assignment is to provide an opportunity to more fully analyze marketing theories and techniques, discussed in the textbook and other sources.  Do not focus on the company’s history and do not retell the case. The main goal of your essay is to demonstrate that you have gained a solid understanding of the marketing mix and how it can be used to reach the strategic goals of the company.

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