Develop a clear and complete infographic to explain how the marketing mix applies to the product or service from the Johnson and Johnson PowerPoint (PowerPoint is listed in the attachment). Your audience is the employees at the product’s organization. Include the following information:

  • Overview of Organization: Present an accurate overview of your selected industry/company.
  • Product: Provide a detailed description of the product (brand, packaging, core product, actual product, augmented product).
  • Place: Identify the best distribution strategy for the product; describe the seller and the place (e.g. retail, eCommerce, wholesale).
  • People: Describe the customer (the target market); include an overview of customer demographics, psychographics, and behavioral characteristics.
  • Price: Identification and justification of the product’s price and pricing strategy selected; include information and research on competitors.
  • Promotion: Create persuasive material with an original and creative slogan and an eye-catching brand image; explain your promotion mix recommendations.

Use Piktochart to construct your infographic: your completed infographic as a jpeg or png image file, insert the image into a Word document, and save as a PDF.
Constructing an Infographic.

Infographic: PDF
APA Style
Length varies: as needed to demonstrate content mastery

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