You will be given a sample case (or cases to choose from) to complete this assignment. Read the vignette and prepare a written analysis of the case using the outline provided below. Your paper must include a minimum of six references, including the DSM-5 and at least five peer-reviewed articles or sources.

Please include the following information in your case analysis:

A. The client and the problem (15 points)

  • Who is the identified client?
  • State the client’s identifying information.
  • Fully state the presenting problem. (What is the reason this client is currently seeking help?)
  • Fully list the symptoms this client is exhibiting.

B. Formulate a tentative diagnosis (or diagnoses) (30 points).

  • Reflect on how the symptoms you have identified illustrate the client’s psychological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral health.
  • Use the DSM-5 and at least two peer-reviewed articles for this section.
  • Include the reasons for your decisions by reflecting on the diagnostic criteria for this diagnosis (or diagnoses), the literature, and your own body of knowledge or intuition.
  • State what other diagnosis (or diagnoses) you thought about and ruled out and why.
  • Fully think about the information you would need from and about the client that you do not currently have that would allow you to make a more accurate diagnosis. A resource may be needed to help you write this section comprehensively. (20 points)
  • State whether this client would need a referral for medication and why or why not. A resource may be needed to help you write this section comprehensively. Also, would you refer this client for any other services or providers? Why or why not? (10 points)
  • Write three relevant risk factors and three relevant protective influences for this client with regard to the primary diagnosis (or diagnoses). Do not include professional interventions as protective influences. (15 points)

***Write using APA style. (Note: Title page and abstract are not required.)

  • Correct grammar, syntax, and punctuation
  • Sentence fluency
  • Smooth transitions
  • Organization

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