The Genetic Basis of Evolution:

Click on this link to read about the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium. Then click the “Next Topic” button at the bottom of the page and read about the next 6 topics:

  • Mutations
  • Natural Selection
  • Small Population Size Effects (Genetic Drift, Founder Principle, Bottleneck Effect)
  • Gene Flow
  • Recombination
  • Non-random Mating

Choose a real-world example of one of these 6 mechanisms in nature that causes evolution to occur. Find a good website that illustrates your example and present it to your classmates. Explain your example in the context of the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.

Be sure to cite your source and include a link or copy/paste a direct quotation from the most relevant portion of the source to enable your classmates to view and evaluate the information.

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