Explain the form and iconography of Barbara Hepworth’s Pelagos. Note that pelagos is the Greek word for “sea.” Incorporate the relevant background for abstract art in your analysis, which includes Cubism and the move towards abstraction in European art. Conclude by comparing this as a personal statement by Hepworth, and the motivation of the creators of Las Cueva de las Manos. Are they similar or even the same?

As you answer by integrating the historical and intellectual background you have learned in this module, do not be afraid to make you own observations and judgments as long as they are based on your readings and visual evidence in the work.

Requirements and Guidelines

  • Your essay should be 750-1000 words.
  • Remember to use citations! Use footnotes or parenthetical notation (APA or MLA style).
  • See the course page General Instructions for Posts, Responses and Written Assignments for additional guidance on writing your essay.
  • Please read the SUNY Empire State College statement on Academic Integrity before submitting any work for this course and cite all sources correctly so that your academic integrity is not called into question.
  • Do not copy and then paste That is against all academic policies everywhere, even on other planets. Put things in your own words. You may judiciously use quotes to make your point, but please cite your sources and either use quotations for shorter bits or block quotes for the longer ones.

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