Write a 3-4 page paper, double-spaced, about your history with television. Please include the following:

I like fantasy and Crime genres

  • Genre conventions: Your favorite genre and why you like it.
  • History: One of the earliest shows you remember watching in that genre, and what you remember about watching it.
  • Years and Time Slot: When did it air?
  • Outlet: What network, channel, delivery mode (like VCR tapes or DVD player) or streaming service did it originally air on and how and when (as in, right when it aired, five years after it aired) did you you view it?
  • Viewing Practices and Technology: How did you usually watch it? With whom and how, as in, with your grandmother on the big screen, alone on your computer, on your phone on the subway, etc.?
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: How did this show depict women? People of color? Working class or poor people?
  • Cultural Impact: What influence did this show have on culture? [You may not say it didn’t have one. All television has an influence on culture.]
  • Research: You must support your idea on these questions with research, which includes incorporating a quote from the Mittell book and one quote from the Bianculli book, and cite them correctly. You may also use other articles, books, or websites (scholarly or non-scholarly but make sure they are quality sources) in addition to this, but you must cite them correctly.
  • Spelling and grammar and organization do count as they do in all college papers.
  • Keep this paper, as you may wish to revisit it for the final reaction paper!

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