• Times New Roman 12 font
  • Double-spaced
  • 1 inch margins on all sides
  • Word file (.doc or .docx) – this means NO PDF!
  • +/- 10 % on word count (everything but references count – see section 7 Assessment handbook)
  • Harvard or numerical referencing system

This assignment will be based on a case study that you will work in teams to negotiate during the seminar time, and will consist of two parts:

  1. Briefly describe the solution to the case generated by your group. This can take many forms, and is best if there is some diagram that can easily sum up the solution as presented in the seminars. This is NOT a section to talk about the process of coming up with the solution. While important, the focus here is on a brief discussion of the content of the solution, allowing you complete the subsequent parts of the assignment.
  • Acting as the manager within the case company, responsible for implementing the solution, what should be the company’s FIRST STEP in implementing this solution. So, now that you have agreed a solution within your multistakeholder groups, what is the first step the company must take to make this solution a reality? It can be a tool (such as an environmental management system), or a concept (such as the precautionary principle), or a theory (such as systems thinking), or anything else you think is necessary to get the agreed solution started within the company.

You need to briefly describe the tool/ concept/ theory (or relevant parts). You need to discuss WHY your choice is particularly relevant as a FIRST/ NEXT STEP(S) in implementing the agreed upon solution. You also need to apply it to the agreed upon solution identified in the group. So, if you think an environmental management system is the tool to use, how will an environmental management system start the process of implementing the agreed upon solution? Or in other words, HOW will you use the tool/ concept/ theory to implement the solution? Think through the small details and be specific!

NOTE: The two-page report created by your multi-disciplinary group MUST be attached as an appendix to your assignment BUT IS NOT INCLUDED in the 2500 word count for this assignment.


  1. This is about what happens internally, so this is not about government changing regulation etc., but about what the COMPANY’s first step will be.
  • It should include a balanced discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the tool, concept or theory in terms of the proposed solution.

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