Babatunde and Anabuike, (2015). Conducted a study to examine the possibility of gene mutation happening in onions because of e-waste in landfills. The experiment was conducted on onions that undergo a cleaning procedure and then was watered with tap water that contains a chemical sample that was extracted from an e-waste landfill to see the effect of it on the plant growth. The study concluded that a higher level of leachate concentration is directly proportional to the cell mutation inhabitation and causes a reduction in plant growth in addition to causing a gene mutation that resulted in c-tumor in the root of the plant. The focus of my research is to explore the deterioration of the environment that is caused by electronic waste. Since this article experiment results show the harmfulness of the e-waste on plants, it can be used to share awareness of the dangers of e-waste on the environment.

A study was carried out to investigate the harmful effect of e-waste pollution on wildlife animals. (Zhang et al., 2019). The experiment was conducted on a specific type of fish that could endure extreme e-waste pollution called Testudineus. Researchers examined Testudineus from two sites that were contaminated with e-waste pollution. The result showed that Testudineus that was in a highly polluted area was more at risk of getting its gene mutated, which can result in slowing down the DNA repair process as well as limiting the amount of oxygen reaching the cells, which thus, damaging the cells. This study is relevant to my topic because it shows the harmful effect that electronic waste does to wildlife.

Cameron, (2009), this article aims to share awareness of the carbon emission caused by the use of technologies throughout the computer life cycle from the production until the recycling process. Cameron discusses a survey that was conducted by Lawrence Berkeley in 2007. About the enormous energy consumption that was used to power the internet and to cool the server farms, this resulted in releasing a massive amount of CO2 to the atmosphere, and it’s expected to double in amount in the upcoming years. He also points out that the process of creating a mobile phone uses toxic materials and that discarding these devices in landfills does not only harm the environment, but it can even raise health issues. Since my research focus on e-waste and its effect on the environment, and this article mentions how e-waste damages the ecosystem, it can be used as a supporting point in my research.

The article “Impacts of e-waste on humans and environment” (2015). Discusses how electronic waste is produced in large amounts globally every year, and the counties that handle waste are developing countries. And in order to recycle e-waste, health risks should be put into consideration as waste contains many toxic materials; in addition, it is shown that health implications are difficult to deal with. As people dealing with waste are from poor, stricken countries. Another health implication is that toxic material from waste that is produced from burning the material can penetrate the soil and affect the food we eat and since these materials are not biodegradable, which means that they would increase the damage and risk as time goes by. This article is relevant to my topic because it mentions the toxic material found in e-waste and how it effects the environment and human health.

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