Choose three questions and write brief essays 3 paragraphs each that address the questions that are posed about these texts. Be sure to thoroughly analyze the texts by addressing specific moments/quotes while you answer the questions about the underlying themes that these authors are trying to express.

  1. Leisure can be viewed as the sole purpose in life or the moments outside of work. Of course, there are many places in between those viewpoints. How would Ben Franklin view leisure? How does that line up with our contemporary working world?
  2. Our working life is a significant part of our identity. Choose at least two of our readings/viewings from this term and explore what they say about our identity as workers or as unemployed/displaced workers in our contemporary world.

The readings I chose: Unemployment” by Tom Wayman, “Digger Laid Off” by Jim Daniels

  1. The idea of “home” in relation to working (or not working) has been a part of several pieces we have encountered this term. Choose at least two of our readings/viewings from this term and discuss how they deal with this aspect of the working life.

The reading I chose:
“Sonnet for her Work” by Maggie Anderson, “My Father” by Peter Oresick

two sources per each question

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