The purposes of this scholarly writing paper are to develop and to communicate a deeper understanding of the relationship of the scope of practice to the legalities and liabilities of being a practicing nurse. This paper will require you to research the Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice and the Florida Nurse Practice Act.

Then, write a three to four-page paper (excluding the title page and references) on how the standards and scope of practice are important to nursing and what liabilities a nurse may face in their practice. Save your paper as LastNameFirstInitial_Standards Paper.

Include at least three sources from the literature to support the position/s. The textbook may also be used as an additional source and will not count as one of the three sources.

Include an Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion sections. Using the Level One Headings (bold, centered), include in the Discussion section:

  • A summary of the importance of standards
  • Compare and contrast Standards to entry-level practice
  • The relationship of the scope of practice to the liability and legalities of those in the role of the nurse
  • An example from your experience or your work setting on how the standards of care are applied 

To better organize the paper, use Level Two Headings (flush with the left margin, bolded) for the topics included in the discussion.  So, the sections in the paper should look like this:


Importance of Standards of Care

Your paragraph(s). Include why and how the standards of care and state practice acts determine the professional scope of nursing practice. 

Compare and Contrast Standards to Entry-Level Practice

Your paragraph(s). Include how the standards can guide entry-level practice and discuss perceived problems they may encounter.

Relationship of Scope of Practice to Liability

Your paragraph(s). Analyze one case that the nurse was found either guilty or not guilty due to scope of practice and discuss if the student agrees or disagrees with the verdict and why. 

Professional Practice Example

Your paragraph(s) Provide an example that you have observed in nursing practice of how the scope of practice and standards impacted the care provided.


Your paragraph(s)

Submission instructions for Assignments: Submit your assignment below.

  • Your papers will automatically be scanned by Turnitin(you may include your title and reference page in your submission- I can re-scan it on my side).
  • Your similarity index must be <20%. You can submit your paper up to 3 times in Turnitin before the due date.
  • Do not worry if your index is high because of your reference and title page, it is ok, I can go back and re-scan your paper!!
  • However, if your paper shows a high similarity index on certain sections and you did not attempt to revise this (or properly cite your sources), then worry!

The rubric can be viewed in Introduction to Written Assignments.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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