Find an article in a current magazine or very recent newspaper, print or on-line, or if you like a recent scholarly journal, and consider what it implies about the historical, ethical, scientific, economic or cultural context of medication today.   Go to the Discussion Board and post a link to it and say just a bit about how you think it relates to our “context.”

Share your link and a brief comment on the current newspaper or magazine article you found for the Search, Summarize and Share activity.  This is NOT where you discuss a journal article.   Then, in your post, be super sure to answer the question: 

  1. What does this offer, directly or indirectly, to help us understand the social context in which psychiatric medications are prescribed and used today?  

Think critically about what you’ve read and spend some time crafting a concise sentence or two that helps the class appreciate the complexities of current practice. 

  1. Doctors Gave Her Antipsychotics. She Decided to Live With Her Voices. – The New York Times (

2. Medication treatment of pediatric psychiatric disorders reduces the later onset of substance use problems

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