Nursing administrators have a responsibility to remain current with knowledge of emerging trends in healthcare and their potential impact on nursing practice, safe and quality patient care, and the costs, risks, and/or benefits to the organization. How these trends or issues translate into practice is often determined by legal and regulatory actions as well as nursing standards of practice.

The focus of the quarterly regional meeting of your state nurses’ association is on current issues/trends affecting nursing practice. The meeting will be divided into three group forums, each focused on a different trend/issue. You have been asked to provide a short paper on one of the current trends/issues occurring in healthcare delivery that will be the focus of one of the group forums.

Trends and Issues in Current Nursing Practice

Mandatory Overtime
Patient Violence to Nursing

For this assignment, you will select one of the three topics above about which you will develop an expository type of essay to be shared among the members of the group forum. (An expository essay is one that presents factual, unbiased information on a subject.) Each section provides calls for specific and factual information about the topic, with one section at the end for your opinion and rationale based on your findings from your exploration. Therefore, following the provided outline/format provided is key to a successfully written paper.

Use the following format outline/template for your paper to complete your assignment. Bold-type is used here for emphasis only. Follow the guidelines for use of bold-type and headings using the most current edition of the APA manual. Notice there is NO HEADING for the introductory paragraph, and the title of the paper should be at the beginning just before the introductory paragraph. There is also no running head.
Legal/Regulatory Issue Assignment (Paper title)

Statement of paper’s purpose
Rationale for choosing the trend for exploration
Overview of what will be included in the paper


Thorough description of chosen trend/issue
Prevalence in healthcare, your state, and your organization

Current Legal and Regulatory Status

Current and/or pending legislative actions described
Current and/or pending regulatory agency actions described

Impact on Nursing Practice

State Board of Nursing Position
Relationship to Standards of Practice

Patient Impact

Impact on patient safety and quality of care

Two examples of positive impact
Two examples of negative impact with strategy for mitigation

Organization Impact

Impact of topic on organization clearly articulated

Costs to organization in human and material resources
Potential liability risks with strategy for mitigation
Potential benefits to the organization

Personal Position

Personal position with rationale on the trend/issue based on exploration
Two strategies to use to advocate for or against the trend/issue


A restatement of the paper’s purpose
A summary of what was covered in the paper

A minimum of three (3) scholarly sources, no older than 5 years must be used for the paper. These should be relevant to nursing and should represent most of the evidence provided in the paper. Other sources, such as textbooks, may be used in addition to these; however, they will not be counted as part of the scholarly source requirement.
The paper should contain all elements required under the requirements and provided by the outline.
The outline provided should be followed for organizing the paper. Remember, the introduction does not have a heading.
Paper length is 4-5 pages, excluding title and reference pages.
Microsoft (MS) Word is required for completing the assignment per Chamberlain policy. The paper should be written in third person, in active voice.
The assignment is graded on quality of written communication using standard English grammar, sentence structure, use of scholarly evidence, and organization based on the required components. Quality is also measured by completeness of required content elements of the assignment.

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