Need the following questions answered: paragraph for each please. 
1) Why does the democratic style of leadership promote greater creativity among employees than the other styles of leadership?
2) Distinguish between a philosophy of leadership and a style of leadership. How do they inform each other?
3)Briefly discuss two assumptions of Theory X
4)As a follower, which leadership behavior would you like your leader to use? Why?
5)Analyze your personal style for biases of task or relationship. Where does your bias come from, how do you lead through your bias? Incorporate themes from task and relationship leadership.
6) Petronio says that ownership and control of private information don’t always go together. Can you imagine a situation where you are the sole owner of a secret yet have no control over its disclosure or discovery?
7)You want to share a secret with a friend but fear embarrassment. How would CPM explain this situation? How about social penetration theory? Relational dialectics theory? Where do the theories agree and disagree?
8) The romantic truism “to know her is to love her” seems to contradict the relational adage “familiarity breeds contempt.” Given the principles of social penetration theory, can you think of a way both statements might be true?

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