Please demonstrate the theories and concepts studied in the organizational leadership program by applying them to real-life leadership situations and scenarios. (Book: Principals of Management, OpenStax. ISBN listed below.) The submitted paper should address the leadership of organizations from a real-life perspective.

Required Topics/Section Headers:

  1. Leadership style or approach.
  2. Success as a leader- how is it achieved?
  3. How do leaders handle difficult situations, circumstances, and people?
  4. How do leaders balance organizational effectiveness and follower morale and well-being?
  5. Reliance of leaders on specific theory, concept, or philosophy to effectively move an organization forward.
  6. How leaders develop followers to follow in their footsteps. How is the next generation of leaders chosen?
  7. How current leaders are adapting to changes in technology and society.

As you develop this paper, plan on using three reference sources:

  1. Outside literature that focuses on organizational health, development, and leadership.
  2. Literature and other materials you used and studied in the ORGL program. (Book: Principals of Management, OpenStax. ISBN listed below.).
  3. Content and insight from interviews with two leaders of complex organizations. (You may use any TedTalks that discusses leadership as an alternative to interviews.)

Interview reference: Please select two upper-level leaders from two different types of organizations to interview. (You may use any TedTalk that discusses leadership as an alternative to interviews.) The two individuals you interview must have high responsibility and supervision within their complex organizations. They must be leaders, not managers. You will be rewarded for your creativity in choosing your appropriate interviewees. These interviews aim to allow you to learn about leadership practices and realities from people who practice them daily in real organizations.

Do not interview a family member, relative, or close friend. For your two organizations, pick organizations that are reasonably large and complex in function. For example, one organization could be a for-profit business company (like L-3 Communications, American Airlines, JC Penney, a chain restaurant, or a local bank). At the same time, the second one could be a non-profit governmental, educational, or public organization (such as a city government, a local post office, a community college or university, YMCA, or the Red Cross).

For non-interview reference material, review previous work in the ORGL program for material that relates to the paper’s topics. (Book: Principals of Management, OpenStax. ISBN listed below.) Also, seek supporting material from other sources such as journals, published papers, and other scholarly sources. Do not rely 100% on website articles from weak, unknown sources, as these will result in a lower grade.

Please write one integrated paper, analyzing the data you received from your reference material and the two interview participants or TedTalks. Discuss, compare, and contrast material you have gathered around each topic. Include a robust but concise introductory paragraph that will introduce the material to be covered.

To be sure, I want you to do minimal reporting, just enough for your readers to understand the context of your discussion. Most of your paper should be your analysis of the topics and reference material. Make sure that you relate or connect the views or perspectives of your interviewees to the other reference material about leadership, followership, organizational theory (how organizations work), and organizational behavior. Familiarize yourself with leadership theories and concepts, particularly Fiedler’s Contingency Leadership Theory and Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory, and use these to support your content.

It would help if you used quotes where feasible and related back to applicable concepts and theories from your readings and experience. Please provide both in-text citations and a complete reference page for all sources.

All scholarly papers must have a bibliography. You must have a list of references (bibliography) at the end of your paper.

Write in complete sentences (not in point form) using regular indented paragraphs.


This paper aims to address and discuss the actions of effective leaders by responding to the seven Topics/Section Headers listed above..

You should support your responses with content from your classes, external sources, and comments from your leadership interviews. You may use any TedTalk that discusses leadership as an alternative to interviews.

Do not lean heavily on the interviews- use those only as reference sources like you do other sources. The paper should not summarize the interviews- they are only referenced material. (See Leadership in Action paragraph example below)

Personal examples are good to include, but this paper should be more scholarly-focused.

Don’t waste time writing an introduction of the leaders interviewed for the paper. Treat those like other references.

Cite all interview quotes (Miller, 2021, Personal Interview). These interviews are not listed on your reference page since they are not searchable.

Use section headers to identify which of the seven topics is being addressed.

Leadership in Action paragraph example.

Below is an example of a paragraph from a paper that utilized all the required elements for a specific topic. Your content should look something like this very simplified example:

“There are so many styles of leadership in organizations that it is hard to determine what will be the best fit when working with people. As was studied in Change Management class, asking people to make changes is hard when you are new to an organization (Hitt, 2019). Change is one of the most difficult issues to face. According to the Business Week publications (2017), change causes many people to leave leadership. “When I started my business, I knew things would be tough, but the changes? They were the worst,” said Jim Jones when I spoke with him (Jones, Personal Interview, 2020). As I have said leadership is hard enough but add changes in the plan to the mix and you need to show expert skills to get things done.”

Class book: The Principals of Management, OpenStax

PRINT BOOK ISBN-10: 0-9986257-6-0
PRINT BOOK ISBN-13: 978-0-9986257-6-8
PDF VERSION ISBN-10: 0-9986257-7-9
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