Leadership Development Plan

20 points

Name _____________________________________________Date_______________________

Instructions:  Approach this assignment as you would a patient care plan, but make the subject of the care plan yourself, and your future as a nurse leader.  Try to envision where you want to be and what you want to be doing in 1, 5, or 10 years (this is an example; the timeframe is up to you).  What, specifically, will need to happen and/or be required of you in order to realize this vision? What, specifically, will you DO, and when, in order to achieve your goals and thus enjoy your preferred future? How, specifically, will you measure your success in achieving your goals? Be as specific as possible when writing both short-term and long- term goals, and incorporate a tentative timeframe into your action plan.  Consider it a “work in progress” which you will update in the months and years to come, as you achieve or modify a goal or re-think your strategy for achieving a goal. Complete each section, and add additional goals if needed. You do not need to have three short-term goals for each long-term goal if not appropriate, though make sure they are specific, realistic and time sensitive.   

Due: Submit your leadership plan per course calendar due date to your individual Assignment – Assessment area.

Course Learning Outcomes that apply to this assignment:

  1. Explore the role of the nurse leader as a member of the interdisciplinary healthcare team. 
  2. Examine personal leadership styles in relation to professional growth development.
  3. Consider the role of the nurse leader as it relates to the provision of ethical, economically sustainable, evidence-based care to individuals, families, groups, and populations across practice settings. 
My Preferred Future as a Nurse Leader:          
Long Term Goal 1:  
Short Term Goal 1a:Action Plan:    
Short Term Goal 1b:Action Plan:    
Short Term Goal 1c:Action Plan:    
Long Term Goal 2:  
Short Term Goal 2a:Action Plan:    
Short Term Goal 2b:Action Plan:    
Short Term Goal 2c:    Action Plan:    
Long Term Goal 3:  
Short Term Goal 3a:Action Plan:    
Short Term Goal 3b:Action Plan:    
Short Term Goal 3c:Action Plan:    

Grading Criteria:

ComponentPoints received
Future Role Defined – 5pts Clearly states/identifies future nursing rolePlan free from grammatical/mechanical errors 
Long Term Goals Developed – 7 pts Long term goals are developed using SMART method (specific, measurable/meaningful, achievable/action oriented, realistic, timely/timeframe) 
Short Term Goals Developed – 8pts Short-term goals are developed using SMART method. (specific, measurable/meaningful, achievable/action oriented, realistic, timely/timeframe) 
Total Points /20 

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