Using a foam ball or some other soft round object (like a Sock Ball), complete the three conditions below. Record your success rate as a decimal. Then complete the lab assignment questions. You will receive access to the Lab 4B assignment once you have submitted your complete data.
Condition 1 – The participant tosses the sock ball above their head 20 times and catches it with their dominant hand. The participant counts the number of errors and calculates the success rate and records that number in the table below. Condition 2 – The procedure is repeated but with subject’s eyes closed. Condition 3 – The procedure is again repeated but the subject tosses and catches the sock ball standing on one foot, while wearing headphones with music playing, and gloves or a sock over their hand.

Part I:  SOCK BALL ACTIVITY – Perform each of the 3 conditions and complete Table 1

Table 1: Data

SubjectSuccess rate (number of tosses caught/20)
Condition 1 (eyes open)Condition 2 (eyes closed)Condition 3 (1-foot, headphones, gloves)

Submit your Data table in Canvas.

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