Questions & AnswersEvidence provided for NVQ Units
All of the questions below must be answered fully (In the box immediately under) with regard to Working efficiently and effectively as a rail engineering technicianRETC/003
1.  Outline the safe working practices and procedures to be followed whilst preparing and tidying up your work areaü
2.  Explain the importance of applying the appropriate occupational behaviours in the workplace and the implications for both the apprentice and the business if these are not adhered toü
3.  State how to present themselves in the workplace suitably dressed for the activities to be undertaken (such as being neat, clean and dressed in clothes appropriate to the area of activity)ü
4.  Explain the importance of reporting to work on time and returning from breaks on time and the potential consequences if this is not adhered toü
5.  Outline the types of attitudes and behaviours that are likely to create conflict or negative responsesü
6.  Explain the benefits of team working and understanding of team objectives.ü
7.  Outline the roles of individual team members and the strengths they bring to the team.ü
8.  Explain the importance of clear communication both oral and written, using appropriate language and format.ü
9.  Identify the need to change communication styles to meet the needs of the target audienceü
10.  Describe the need to adhere to timescales set for work, whilst maintaining appropriate quality standards and the implications if these are not adhered to.ü
11.  Explain the importance of seeking additional support and guidance when required.ü
12.  Explain why it is important to be open and honest and admit to any errors and/or mistakesü
13.  Explain the need to be flexible in their approach to work, responding positively to changes or amendments required by the business.ü
14.  Explain the importance of taking an active and positive part in the implementation of any amendments or changes to work requirementsü
15.  Describe your individual responsibility to work in an ethical manner and the organisations policies relating to ethical working and behaviours.ü
16.  Explain the importance of respecting others, including an awareness of diversity and inclusion.ü
17.  Outline the personal protective equipment (PPE) to be worn for the rail engineering activities undertaken (such as correctly fitting overalls, safety shoes, eye protection, ear protection)ü
18.  Describe the correct use of any equipment used to protect the health and safety of themselves and their colleaguesü
19.  Outline the planning and preparing to carry out the rail engineering activity (such as obtaining the appropriate drawings/documentation to be used, determining the materials required, determining the tools and equipment required, determining a suitable sequence of operations, determining the quality checks to be made and equipment to be used)ü
20.  Outline the procedure for ensuring that all documentation relating to the work being carried out is available, prior to starting the activityü
21.  Define the procedure for ensuring that all tools and equipment are available prior to undertaking the activityü
22.  Outline the checks to be carried out to ensure that tools and equipment are in full working order, prior to undertaking the activityü
23.  Outline the checks to be carried out to ensure that all materials required are correct and complete, prior to undertaking the activityü
24.  Explain how to deal effectively with problems that could arise with areas such as quality, safety, people, drawings and other documentation, tools and equipment or if material are incomplete or do not meet the requirements of the activity and the action that should be takenü
25.  Describe the process and procedure used for making suggestions for improving the businessü
26.  Explain the importance of taking responsibility for identifying and making suggestions for making business improvementsü
27.  Outline your role in helping to develop your own skills and knowledge (such as checking with your supervisor about the work you are expected to carry out and the standard required to achieve; the safety points to be aware of and the skills and knowledge you will need to develop)ü
28.  Describe he benefits of continuous personal development, and the training opportunities that are available in the workplaceü
29.  Explain the importance of reviewing your training and development with trainers and supervisors, of comparing the skills, setting objectives to overcome any shortfall or address any development needsü
30.  Outline your responsibilities for providing evidence of your performance and progress (such as submitting work for assessment or the completion of assignments or tests)ü
31.  Explain the importance of maintaining effective working relationships within the workplace (such as listening attentively to instructions from their supervisor, making sure you ask for help and advice in a polite and courteous manner, responding positively to requests for help from others)ü
32.  Explain the reason for informing others of your activities which may have impact on their work (such as the need to temporarily disconnect a shared resource like electricity or compressed air supply; making undue noise or creating sparks, fumes or arc flashes from welding)ü
33.  Describe how to deal with disagreements with others in ways which will help to resolve difficulties and maintain long term relationshipsü
34.  Outline the organisational procedures to deal with and report any problems that can affect working relationshipsü
35.  Outline the difficulties that can occur in working relationships, and how to resolve themü
36.  Identify the current legislation covering discrimination in the workplace on the ground of race, religion sex, age and disabilityü
37.  Explain the need to dispose of waste materials and consumables (such as oils and chemicals) in a safe and environmentally friendly wayü
38.  Identify where tools and equipment should be stored and located, and the importance of returning all tools and documentation to their designated area on completion of your work activitiesü
39.  Explain when to act on your own initiative and when to seek help and advice from othersü
40.  Explain the importance of leaving the work area in a safe condition on completion of your activities (such as equipment correctly isolated, cleaning the work area and removing and disposing of waste)ü

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