For Sources please include:

the Netflix Series Documentary of Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

Homosexuality based on the mutation of chromosomes

and then you can pick 2 others

Final Paper 
For your final paper, choose ONE SPECIFIC CRIME, and choose ONE THEORY from the ones we have covered in class. Your paper should present a clear argument about how the theory explains the crime (application), as well possible policies that should be in place to prevent this crime in the future. In the paper, you must give some context (definition and actual cases that have taken place) for the crime in question, explain the key points of the theory and you should justify your arguments with examples and data. End the paper with policy preventions. 
Ex. Outline: 
Define Theory
Define specific Crime
Apply theory to the specific crime 
Policy implications 
You must use academic sources (a minimum of 4 sources). The paper should be about 1,500 words (minimum 1,350, max 1,750 excluding a minimum of four references). You can always make an appointment with me if you would like to discuss your Final Paper. 
Keep in mind that this paper will be submitted through BlackBoard which will then be submitted through Turnitin. Turnitin is an online cite that checks for plagiarism. I advise you to check out the library for guidance on properly citing your work using APA style. 

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