Required Length: 2 pages



Create 1 interesting finite shape with symmetry.

  • The object should have both rotation and reflection symmetries (D family).
  • The objects should be drawn neatly, precisely, and colored, unlined sheet of A4 paper. The object may be created on Illustrator. You may find an image or generate one online too.
  • Provide an analysis of the symmetry of the object, i.e. the axes of reflection and rotations of the object.
  • State the type of symmetry it has (ex. , , etc.).
  • Be creative and detailed. The more axes of reflection/rotations and interesting the object is, the better chance you have of earning a higher grade.  Please do not use circles or the symmetry type . 

Write 1-3 paragraphs explaining 1 real life application of a reflection, rotation, glide-reflection, and translation. Introduce the types of rigid motion and discuss the details of the application.

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