Part A:

  1. What factors contribute to an individual’s choice to become an entrepreneur?
  2. What are some common funding sources for entrepreneurs? Describe the pros and
    cons of each option and indicate at which stage of the startup process each of them is
    most commonly used. Indicate other factors that may affect how entrepreneurs make
    decisions about financing options.
  3. How do entrepreneurial teams make decisions differ from the way single founders
    make decisions? What are the implications of having a diverse founding team?
  4. What kind of exiting strategies exist for entrepreneurs? Describe situations where it is
    suitable to use each one of them. Find a real-world example to illustrate what type of
    exiting strategy was used, and evaluate if the strategy was successful.
    Part B:
    Read the case provided and answer the following questions:
  5. Compare and contrast entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in terms of how
    opportunities are identified and evaluated.
  6. Compare and contrast entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in terms of resource
  7. Why is intrapreneurship challenging in some cases? Use evidence from the case to
    illustrate the challenges faced by Alcatel-lucent. What are the root problems causing
    these challenges?
  8. If you were hired as a consultant, how would you address these challenges? What
    does a successful boot camp look like for Alcatel-Lucent? Identify what needs to
    happen for Alcatel-Lucent to achieve a successful outcome.

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