in this assignment, students will explore religion as a lived and social phenomenon through an in-depth one-on-one interview and essay. Instead of reading about the experiences of people and religion in the American context, you will get to know, in more depth and in their own words, about how religion is practiced, lived, and important to your interviewee.

First, you will need to identify a specific topic related to LO #1 (the larger social and cultural dynamics affecting religious life and organizations in the 21st century and reflect on their implications for ministry/work settings) that is important to you and identify an interviewee. We recommend that your choice of the topic be related to your final paper or project (I haven`t identified the interviewee, will identify her/him based ont the questions and topic)and the interview can serve as a foundational step toward your final assignment( The topic I`m considering is: Religion, Multiculturalism and Racism in the United States) . The interviewee should occupy some different social location(s) than yourself—ask yourself what you might learn from the “other”—across social identities such as religion, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, etc.. 

Second, you will design 5-6 respectful and thoughtful interview questions. These will be discussed and shared in class, for collaborative refinement. Third, complete the interview, following the required human subjects research guidelines including informed consent. Finally, you will write a reflection paper that summarizes the responses and describes what you learned by allowing your understanding of religion and the dynamics impacting religious life and organizations be in dialogue with those of your interviewee. (LO #1 , #2, #4)

The LO#1,#2, AND #4 are  :

  1. Identify the larger social and cultural dynamics affecting religious life and organizations in
    the 21st century and reflect on their implications for ministry/work settings. 
    2. Examine American religion within particular times, places, and cultural settings, as both a
    lived and social reality.

4. Analyze how religion in U.S. society is inextricably bound up with forms of social
inequality—including a range of intersectional identities including culture, race, gender,
sexuality orientation, and class.

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