Write a case-study of an innovator of your choice. In your paper apply Grudin’s points on creative inspiration and courage, draw from Lubart’s observations about culture and creativity, and refer to Clydesdale’s review of the Beatles as a model. Addressing the question, “in what ways is my example an innovation?” build your case, addressing each question in your project:

  1. Briefly summarize in no more than three paragraphs the pertinent “who, what, when, and where” details about your chosen innovation. In the next, state why this particular innovation interests you.
  2. Describe the environment in which the innovator lived and worked, noting the obstacles and barriers she or he faced personally, if any, such as race, gender, class, health, age, etc.
  3. Discuss any failures and abandoned approaches (what was the outcome of the failure/s? In what ways did failing help or hinder further creative development?).
  4. Discuss any internal and external deterrents to the innovation’s success in the marketplace, such as competition. In the event that you select an innovation for which there are several innovators, add a discussion of their group dynamic as a contributor or deterrent to their collective effort.
  5. Discuss the innovator’s inspirations and attention to the creative process. Are there any indications that the innovator balanced holistic with linear processes? If so, provide examples to illuminate your points.
  6. Describe the impact of the innovation then and now. What did it advance? How have things changed as a result?
  7. What questions are you left with, and if you could go further in your research what would you want to find out next?
  8. Your paper should be between 1000 words long, which is equivalent to 4 pages. Please follow MLA or APA style guidelines.
  9. Cite your sources in your text, of course, and provide a Works Cited list at the end of your paper. You should cite at least TWO scholarly sources throughout.

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