1. Use the Topic Name in the subject area of your initial post.
  2. Support your initial post with at least two scholarly articles from the nursing/healthcare/informatics literature; use articles not already provided in the course.
  • Topic A:  HITECH and HIPAA
  • McGonigle and Mastrian (2022) outline seven goals of the HITECH act (p. 166). For the purpose of this discussion, choose one of these goals to address.
  • Address two benefits of the goal and provide a rationale for each.
  • Address two concerns of the goal as it relates to HIPAA and provide a rationale for each.
  • Identify two interventions that your organization has taken to protect the privacy of electronic health information. (Please use hypothetical situation: not currently working )
  • Identify two areas of further improvement for your organization, in protecting health information. ( Please use hypothetical situation: not currently working)

Identify at least one way in which this topics is related to Ethical Issues in Informatics.

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