Instructions for the Project


The following information details the required project (1st assessment which contributes 50% of your final grade). The project objectives, requirements and the criteria on which you will be evaluated are included in this document.

Learning Outcomes

Marketing is a key business function. It plays a pivotal role in all company types, contributing both tangible (profitability), and intangible (image) benefits. The module equips students with the necessary tools marketers use for their marketing strategies.  

Upon successful completion of the individual written project the student should have demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Identify the role of marketing as a business function and its contribution to individual firms and to the economy
  2. Analyse the importance of customers for marketing

Description of the process

Based on the company and situation description that follows, the student must make a brief assessment of the business environment and the marketing issue described, and write a report, which will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Content / Key Points
(Evidence of understanding, quality of research) for 60%, 

Application of theory
(Application of knowledge to the project, analysing patterns, identify trends) for 20% and

Organization & Mechanics
(Structure of responses, Clarity of writing, correct citations) for 20% of the overall grade.

The evaluation of the project will be based on the rubric for the evaluation of term project at Level 4, and a description of the requirements in the pages that follow. 


Case Study Information  

A brief information about the organization, the brand, as well as useful resources will be included.

At this point the teaching team and the ML cannot commit to the specific organization due to the uncertainty of the external environment circumstances.


PART A. Content / Key Points
(Evidence of understanding, quality of research) for 60 points


Define marketing and discuss its importance for companies in general (15 POINTS)

Herestudents are expected to provide a definition of marketing and discuss the benefits of marketing for organizations, this a literature review approach.

A2. The importance of customers (15 Points)

Why are customers central to the marketing concept and which are the key dimensions of consumers behaviour in an online setting this has to base on literature dated 2022 onwards.  (15 POINTS)

Here students are expected to discuss the importance of customers for organizations, as well as the key dimensions of consumer behaviour online. Students shall use appropriate definitions of the concepts and discuss the key dimensions using academic sources as the basis of their elaboration.

A3. Write promotional content for the TSALAPATAS MUSEUM to be posted on social MEDIA TO make POTENTIAL VISITORS aware about IT. (20 POINTS)

You need to write promotional content for the TSALAPATAS MUSEUM taking into consideration the potential visitors, and the social media you have chosen (20 POINTS)

Here students are expected to write promotional content for the museum under study which will be posted on social media aiming to aware customers of the product. The outcome of this part is based on literature, and students own recommendations. Students make their own recommendations after studying relevant literature. This literature has to be briefly presented in the assignment.


A4. Discuss the concept of product/service differentiation and describe the service level of the museum under study as you will present it online for the customers. (10 POINTS)

Here students are expected to discuss the concept of product/service differentiation and describe the product-service levels for the specific museum, as will be presented on the social media.


This is a part where you are evaluated in terms of APPLYING knowledge and analysing, so you need to demonstrate your thinking process more rather than what information exists or what other people have written about these issues.

Having in mind the museum under study.


Propose changes that would result in service differentiation to more efficiently meet visitor needs and/or make it more competitive. (20 POINTS)

Here students are expected to apply the product differentiation concept, propose changes regarding the actual and augmented product levels, adapting it to the museum under study. They shall discuss and argue for the effectiveness of such changes. Write a short story about these changes. This story will be posted on the social media. Key story elements customers centricity, fun, attractiveness, attention, interest, desire, action

C. Organization & Mechanics (20 Points)

(Structure of responses, Clarity of writing, correct citations) (total of 20 Points)

The project must be typed (A4 paper, double space, font Arial size 12), without spelling, grammar, syntax and/or punctuation mistakes.

The project must be presented in an organized and professional way. Use the outline provided above to structure your project.

The length of the project should be approximately 1,400-1,600 words. Marks will be deducted for shorter or longer projects. 

You need to submit both:

  • An electronic copy of your project by the deadline given (23:59), as an email and via a Blackboard Turnitin submission

See more instructions on the format below.


  • Title page
    • Include course number and description,
    • the academic period,
    • the title of the project,
    • the student name and ACG identification number,
    • the project due date,
    • the instructor’s name, and
    • word count (number of words to include ONLY the Main Body)
  • Table of Contents – identifies the sections in the written project and the associated page number for each section
  • Introduction – includes a brief statement of what you intend to accomplish in the project, and a summary of what follows in main body
  • Main Body – see content requirements above; the main body should include all of those sections identified in the content described
  • References – identifies the academic sources and other published information which you have used; please refrain from using Wikipedia and other wiki sources, as generally, they are not considered to be academic sources
  • Graphics and Visual Aids – use visual aids and graphics appropriately and effectively within your text, including screenshots of websites
  • Appendix I – includes related material not deemed necessary to be in the main text
  • Appendix II – Turnitin Report

The project must be properly referenced. References should be included in the main text and listed (alphabetically) on a separate page at the end of the report. 

Referencing is a standardized way of acknowledging the sources of information and ideas that you have used in your document. Referencing is important to avoid plagiarism, to verify quotations and to enable readers to follow up what you have written and locate the cited author’s work. 

In the case of Plagiarism the student will be referred to the appropriate committee according to the Regulatory Framework.

APA Style referencing

Table 1: APA Style for Citing in The Text (Example)
Paraphrased textIn the sentenceIn parentheses
When you cite a work by one author, provide the name of the author the publication date of the source.Bowlby (1991) formulated the basic principles of the attachment theory.The infant should experience a warm, intimate, and continuous relationship with his mother (Bowlby, 1991)
Direct quotation  
When you cite a direct quotation, indicate the page number of the source where the quotation appears.Breivik and Senn (1998) state that “teacher resistance to change is not unusual” (p. 107).“Teacher resistance to change is not unusual” (Breivik & Senn, 1998, p. 107).
Table 2: APA Style for Referencing (Example)
BookAuthor’s Last Name, A. A. (Year of Publication). Title of book. City of Publication, Country: Publisher.Bowlby, J. (1998). A secure base: Parent-child attachment and healthy human development. London, United Kingdom: Routledge 2
Academic ArticleAuthor’s Last Name, A. A. (Year of Publication). Title of article. Title of Journal, Vol., pp-pp. doi:xx.xxxxxxxxxx.Levy, L. B. (2012). International opportunities for psychology students: Logistics, training, and ethical considerations. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 6, 84-92. doi:10.1037/a0027857
Work on a websiteAuthor’s Last Name, A. A. (Date of Publication). Title of work. Retrieved from  Smith, M., & Kovatch, S. (2010, April). Bulimia nervosa: Signs, symptoms, treatment, and help. Retrieved from

Sources of Information

The project requires to be supported by research activity.  For your research, you need to use library sources and to study academic journals.   

  • Academic Journals. You must have 5-7 references to articles from academic journals. 

Make sure to include to those at least 2 (two) recent academic articles (publication year 2020-2022)

Some recommended titles are:

  • Journal of Marketing,
  • Journal of Consumer Research, and
  • Harvard Business Review

You can find these journals in our library database [search in Business Source Premier (EBSCO)].

  • Library databases. One very useful database is the Global Market Information Database.

You can access it through: acglib, e-Resources, on-line indexes and databases, Euromonitor/Passport

  • Trade Journals. You can find in our library: “Marketing Week” and “σελφ σερβις”.
    • Personal Observation. Visit stores, collect promotional material, etc.

Originality and Authenticity

The rules of academic ethics apply to this assignment, including the requirements that the student undertakes the written project without improper or unauthorized assistance from anyone.  If it is determined that the project is not the work of the student, the student will be referred to the appropriate committee according to the Regulatory Framework.

In cases where concern arises regarding the authorship of the work submitted by a student, the instructor reserves the right to invite the student to defend the submitted work in an oral examination. If it is determined that the project has not been completed individually and solely by the student, the instructor may award a failing mark.

Important: Assessment Deadlines

Students must submit work by the deadlines set in the course/project outline. Work submitted late will be receiving a 10% deduction per day up to seven days for a maximum grade of 40/C. Students will fail the assessment if work is submitted later than seven days after the deadline (Regulatory Framework 7.2).

Project Rubric

Module: Fundamentals of Marketing (Level 4)

Term: FALL 2022

Type: Individual Written Project

Submission Date:

Instructions for the Project


In the case that the student has failed in the First Assessment, the student needs to resubmit the original project report, with amending the necessary parts according to the feedback by the First Marker in order to fulfil the Learning Outcomes.

In the case that the student has failed the First Assessment due to Plagiarism, the resit requirement will be decided by the appropriate Committee.

In the case that the student has not submitted the First Assessment, the resit requirement is to create an individual report, following the instructions of the original assessment for a competitor to the brand that the instructor will select and announce after the original submissions are concluded.

According to the Regulatory Framework the resit is assessed with the same criteria /rubric but is marked as Pass (Capped at 40 – C) or Fail unless the appropriate committee has approved Normal Grading for the specific case.

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