Databases Used: Cinahl, Academic Search Complete, APA PsycInfo, APA PsycArticles, MEDLINE, Social Work Abstracts   Look for appropriate databases within the library’s databases. I am looking at loneliness (mental health) so it is appropriate for me to choose the above databases. But look at the different ones based on your topics.Search Terms Used: loneliness, college students   These are the terms you use from your PICO statement. So my question would be “ In college students, does universally screening for loneliness in student health centers identify factors that can be addressed to reduce loneliness and related co-morbidities? I could have included “screening” as a term, but when I did it narrowed me to 3 articles and they were not good quality. I took off that term and I had plenty.  So just remember, play around with the terms to yield the articles that you need.  Filters Used: Scholarly-Peer Reviewed Academic Journals English   (once you run your search, after choosing the databases and your terms, then you can click the different filters/limiters to narrow down results. Do not narrow them too much or you will lose important articles that could have provided you with needed data. But do not make them too broad, because you could end up with hundreds or thousands of articles to sift through)    
#AuthorYearEvidence TypeSample SizeResults RecommendationLimitationsStrength/ Quality
1Kearney, et al.   This section is just the author(s). If more than 2, can go ahead and put “et al.”2018       Publication year, not the year the research was completedQuantitative descriptive     (you will need to look at the methods and look for design.  It may not always be explicit.  So you might have to search the article for the type of design. Some may say very boldly, even in the abstracts.)n=429       (number of participants who actually were studied)The results show that many undergrad students do not seek out mental health treatment on campus due to multiple factors including cultural stigma, anticipated risk, and lack of knowledge of available resources.  Implications for counselors include addressing these factors and appropriate times for reaching out to students.   Summarize—What does the data show?Participants were undergraduate students enrolled in an online counseling/psychology course that had a research participation component-students not comfortable in online learning were excluded. It is also possible that students who prefer online instruction may have more issues with loneliness. Also, reports by friends and family were not present. Therefore, it is unknown if the participants who rated themselves high on loneliness were seen similarly by close friends and family members. A wider range of tools may have provided different results. The university was an urban university, with students perhaps not being representative of those from more traditional college settings.   Most acceptable studies will have a section on limitations.  Sometimes you may have to read the discussion and conclusion sections if there is not a designated section.III/Good   (based on your critique of the article use the JHNEDP Evidence Rating scale attachment found in the “assignment” section. 
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