Gender Studies


Paper # 1


Please write a 5 page paper that compares and contrasts the representation of Native women, and Pocahontas in particular, in the two films The New World (Director Terence Malick 2005)

and Pocahontas (Produced by Disney 1995). The papers should refer to course readings, films and discussion where relevant, and should demonstrate analytical thought on the part of the author. In other words, do not simply write up a summary of what we read or said in class, or give us summaries of the films. The strongest papers will reflect critically on how such representations impact popular understandings of Native women today, and what potential intersections with contemporary violence might be.

– both films can be found online at no expense through media sources like Youtube.


Papers should cite at least two additional works not assigned for the class. Internet sources can be appropriate for use in these papers, but be sure to evaluate the quality of such documents before using them. The sources you use should be properly cited. The Chicago Manual of Style is available on-line for consultation about proper citation methods. Be very careful to properly cite work that is taken from other sources. The papers are automatically checked for originality upon submission and will be flagged for plagiarism if work is not properly/sufficiently cited.

Assigned citations: The New World (Director Terence Malick 2005) and Pocahontas (Produced by Disney 1995)

Sources/Citations Needed: you will need to find two additional works to support you thesis and critical analysis of the ideas prompted by the films. Sources to use: Peer review journal articles, reviews, and books; academic/edu sources; reputable news/newspaper/magazine sites; reputable first hand account sources such as autobiographies

  1. Use standard essay form: introductory paragraph, concluding paragraph, etc.
  2. CITE your sources! There are several acceptable ways to cite sources; if you don’t know one, consult the Chicago Manual of Style. Make sure that you are citing consistently and properly based on the style you have chosen.
  3. Use proper grammar and sentence structure. If you have doubts, consult Strunk and White’s Elements of Style, 4th edition. This is available in the library (but you should buy your own!).
  4. I will not correct grammar and I do not grade on it, per se. However, if it is hard to understand your argument or seems like you did not make an effort, it will inevitably be reflected in your grade.
  5. Spell check! There is no excuse for failing to take this simple step. Papers that have not been spell checked will be taken down one full letter grade (10 points on a 100 scale). Be warned!
  6. Do not plagiarize. I check.
  7. For the strongest grade, consult my grading rubric, provided on the course website, and make certain your paper adheres to elements I describe there.

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