INAUGURAL ADDRESS – John F Kennedy – 20 Jun 1961

Persuasive Speech Analysis Paper (Point Value: 50). Type a 2-3 page research/analysis paper using ethos, pathos, and logos as tools for analyzing one speech from the list of 100 speeches in the Persuasive Speech Analysis Paper assignment description on Blackboard–Block 5. You may pick any one of the 100 speeches. You can find videos of many of the more recent speeches on the list; you can write the paper with just a written copy of the speech.

To complete the assignment: pick one speech from the list of 100 speeches on Blackboard Block 5, research ethos, pathos, and/or logos. Read at least two research articles (or books) covering some aspects of ethos, pathos, and/or logos. Use the information from the articles to help you analyze the effectiveness of the speech. Cite the two research sources in the text of your paper and the Works Cited page. The paper may analyze the speech using only ethos or pathos, or logos; you may also use all three or two of them. You may also discuss the relationship between ethos, pathos, and logos in your paper. Cite specific examples from the speech to support your conclusions. Review the assignment rubric included with the assignment on Blackboard. Follow the MLA (Modern Language Association). To learn about MLA, go to “How to: MLA Writing Style” in the Blackboard content area.


 Low QualityGood QualityHigh Quality
Writing SylePoints: (0.00%) Does not follow MLA Noticeable grammatical or style errors.Points: 16 (32.00%) Mainly follows MLA. Few grammatical or style errors.Points: 25 (50.00%) Follows MLA. Few grammatical or style errors.
Analysis/DevelopmentPoints: (0.00%) Lack of understanding of the topic. Lack of depth. Lacks citations.Points: 16 (32.00%) Some understanding of the topic and related concepts. Limited source citations.Points: 25 (50.00%) Demonstrates full understanding of the topic and related concepts. Appropriate source citations.

Name:Peruasive Analysis Paper

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