This discussion, based on Silverman’s article “In Defense of Multitasking,” should help you analyze an argument about an issue – you’ll see logical argument in action.

You may want to review the Discussion Evaluation Criteria and Rubric to reinforce your understanding of what makes strong discussion posts.

Initial Posts 300 words minimum

Include in one post:

  1. Claim: What is Silverman’s claim, and what type of claim is it?
  2. Evidence: What types of evidence does Silverman use to support his claim? Is the evidence sufficient? Is it appropriate to the type of claim? Explain.
  3. Logic: Is the argument logical? Does it contain any logical fallacies? Explain.
  4. Logical Appeals: Does Silverman appeal to ethos, pathos, logos? Are these appeals appropriate to his argument’s purpose and to his intended audience?
  5. Additional Information: What, if any, additional types of information should be included to strengthen this argument?

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