Processes play a key role in any organisation’s growth. Effective business processes are the backbone of the organisation and provide its structure and support needed to hold everything together (Deshpande, 2021). It is a series of steps which are performed to accomplish the desired outcome. However, Defence contracting is different from other businesses. According to (Mitre, 2002) In Defence Contracting, every contract is different—different timelines, different missions, different requirements, different funding types, different registrations and certifications, different proposal templates and instructions, different evaluation criteria, different entry points and innovation hubs, different intellectual property considerations, different regulations, and policies. With so many different criteria, where one process does not fit for all, or the same process cannot work every time, it is essential for any defence contractor to be agile in its process development, implementation, and its improvement to meet business objectives. It is expected from any successful defence contractor to create meaningful, simple, easy to adapt and easy to change processes and raise the capabilities to meet the ever-evolving needs of Arm forces and the challenges of the competitive cost environment. The capacity to anticipate and adapt to shifting arm forces demands, new possibilities, and unexpected risks is a vital skill for every defence contractor.

In one of the recent events where change in requirements resulted amendment in the business contract between the Arm forces and the defence contractor. This amendment resulted in the change of work culture, internal policies, and processes. Many processes are remained unstructured and unclear even after the change, which resulted departure of many key employees, several non-conformance reports were issued by the Armed forces for missing targets, missing important milestones, and for not complying with the new requirements. It is important to investigate the impact of these unstructured process on employees and on the defence contractor as in today’s knowledge-based economy and its ever-changing, unpredictable environment, it is more important than ever to have a design that allows for quick adaptation and creativity. The elements of people, innovation, process, and leadership makes up an organisation’s design. These components of the design work together to reinforce and counteract one another and to adjust to new conditions (Blind et al. 2017). Government, legal framework, labour pool, suppliers, customers, rivals, ethics, all have a role in shaping an organization’s external environment.

The aim of this research paper is to identify the impacts of unstructured processes on employees and organisation. My organisation recently had gone under a contract change which created some new processes which remained unclear and undefined. However According to (Becker et al, 2003) A process is completely closed, timely and logical sequence of activities which are required to work on a process-oriented business object. A poorly designed process and unclear processes results in deviation in the actual and desired product. It leads to duplication of work and increase the risk of non-compliance. It can lower the morale on any productive employee. According to (Donaldson, 2016) inefficient business processes have times more impact on the customer that the delivery of a poor product. A streamline process not only enables us to identify the inefficiencies in the business before they turn into the crises but also results in producing consistent results and scaling up the business operation which aligns with overall organizational objectives and profits.

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