The written report, which follows the Research Proposal, is the second part of the research project. This will document the main findings of the research.

The required format for the report:

  2. Title Page: The title page should give clear indication of the content of the research project including:
  3. The name of the student,
  4. The title of the project [Research Question]
  5. The intended audience and
  6. The word count [Research Proposal, Executive Summary/Abstract  & Research Project]
  • Acknowledgements:
  • The acknowledgements should recognize any individual and/or organization that made the production of the report possible.
  • Contents Page: should include major headings in the report,
  • Beginning with Executive Summary,
  • Page numbers should be clearly indicated
  • Research action proposal: {This will be completed first before starting the Research project and add here later before submission)
  • This is the primary planning document giving direction to the research project
  • Maximum length is 500 words
  • The required format consists of four components
  • Research Question
  • Proposed methodology
  • The rationale for study
  • Areas of the syllabus covered
  • Possible sources of information (Primary and secondary methods used)
  • Organizations and individuals approached
  • Methods used to collect and analyse data, and the reasons for choosing them
  • The order of activities and the timescale of the project
  • Anticipated difficulties (e.g. limited or biased sources, language problems, any confidentiality/sensitive issues —- how will you solve these)
  • Action plan

Example layout for the action plan (but a Gantt chart is better)

Date to be completedActionExplanationModifications
Add when?Add your actionBe specific about what you doLeave this blank, can add hand written notes to this later

*** a Gantt Chart is a good idea as it demonstrates business knowledge. It is a tool that uses very few words so will allow you to write more about the three points above.

  • Executive Summary(Abstract) should be:
  • Concise, clear & explicit summary of the document including recommendations & conclusion
  • The research question of the executive summary should guide the reader to the substance of the report.
  • The maximum length of the executive summary is 200 words
  • Introduction:
  • should demonstrate some background knowledge about the organization &
  • give a clear outline of the issue or decision under investigation
  • Research Question;
  • Methodology employed:
  • Should be the  summary of the primary (and, where relevant secondary) research undertaken, the business tools, techniques and theories applied
  • It should also include assessment of the validity and reliability of the data collected (for example partiality and scope)  &
  • The methods employed
  • Any changes made as the work progressed should be explained.
  • Main Results and findings:
  • The main results and findings section should clarify what the raw data has revealed.
  • This should include a summary of the data collected and of the findings made, &
  • Should where appropriate, be supported by tables, graphs and statistics
  1. Analysis and discussion:
  2. The results and findings should be analyzed with the help of relevant business tools, techniques and theories
  3. They should also be interpreted:
  4. What main issues emerged from the research, and why and how they are helpful (or not) to answer the research question
  5. An evaluative approach to the discussion of finding should be pursued: for e.g.
    1. what are the strengths and weaknesses of the various positions on the issue or decision under investigation and
    1. what are their implications?
  1. Conclusion and recommendation:
  2. The conclusions should follow on from the analysis and discussion; new facts or arguments should not be presented.
  3. Recommendations should be precise (bullet points), answer the research question and be practical proposals for action that stem from conclusions.
  4. If the results are the research are inconclusive, further research should be recommended.
  5. To be of practical value to management, the report should be forward-looking and support the organization’s decision making process.
  1. References and Bibliography:
  2. The work and ideas of another person must be acknowledged using a standard style of referencing in a consistent manner, giving constant credit to all sources used including sources that have been paraphrased or summarized.
  3. The minimum info given includes:
    1. Name of the author,
    1. Date of publication,
    1. Title of source and
    1. Page numbers if applicable
  4. Appendices:
  5. The appendices should contain only information or data that is required to support the text and should be clearly referred to where relevant.
  6. The appendices will include examples of photographs, documents, questionnaires, numerical raw data in tables and statistical calculations.

Good Luck J

IB Business Management – IA – Research Project [SL]

  1. Title Page:
  2. Name:
  3. Student ID No.
  4. Grade:
  5. Date:
  6. The Title of the written commentary: i.e the RESEARCH QUESTION
  8. The declaration of authenticity
  • Table of Contents:
  • Begin with introduction
  • Number the pages
  • Introduction:
  • Briefly demonstrates some background information about the business organization
  • Gives clear outline of the issue/problem under investigation
  • Explains the methodology used to investigate this problem
  • Business tools, techniques and theory should be included to present the commentary in appropriate business format and to support the analysis and judgment with relevant business concepts and theory
  •  Findings & Analysis & Discussion
  • Findings from the supporting documents should be presented and analyzed with the help of relevant tools, techniques & theories to answer the question
  • The Supporting Documents should be included in the appendices, with relevant sections highlighted by the student.
  • Although it is mandatory to include sources as supporting documents, this does not mean that the investigations should be limited to these documents.(Primary Sources also can be used)
  • Any sources consulted by the students but not chosen as supporting documents should be referenced in the body of the commentary and included in the bibliography/Appendix
  • Finding should be interpreted in the light of the title question taking into account business theory and using, as far as possible, business tools and techniques
  • This analysis could be included as a separate section or it could be included with findings (findings and analysis)
    • What main themes emerge from the analysis of the supporting documents
    • Why and how are they helpful(or not) to answer the commentary question
  • An evaluative approach to this discussion of finding should be pursued: E.g.
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various position on the issue or problem &
    • What are their implications

Different supporting documents should be analyzed in such a manner that their relevance to the question is clearly established. The analysis should also show how the supporting documents relate to each other.

  • Conclusion:
  • The commentary question should be explicitly answered based on the analysis of the supporting documents
  • The conclusion should not introduce facts or arguments that have not been discussed in the previous sections of the commentary
  • Rather it is a good practice to include those aspects of the commentary question that have not been answered in the commentary /might need further analysis/investigation in order to be judged more effectively
  • Bibliography & Referencing
  • Commentary should contain correctly presented references and a  bibliography
  • Only books and web pages actually consulted should be included.
  • The access dated to the web pages consulted should be specified.
  • If the student refers to sources of any type, these should be referenced through the use of foot notes
  • Any sources consulted by the student but not chosen as supporting documents should be referenced in the body of the commentary should be included in the bibliography
  • Appendix
  • Include 3-5 Supporting Documents chosen by the students as the structuring documents for the commentary.
  • The chosen documents have to be included in their complete form, although relevant parts to the investigation have to be clearly identified.
  • Supporting Documents Should be printed with:
    • Supporting Document (1 , 2, 3, 4 or 5) in the heading
    • The Title:
    • Published date:
    • Web Link:

Good Luck J

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